Wednesday,30 May

08.30-10.15 : Land Management and Monitoring


Dr. Joan Bastide

Organization: Center for Development and Environment (CDE)

During the military era, large areas of land in the southern part of Myanmar were granted to private companies for the production of palm oil. This land allocation was often conducted without any form or consultation or prior inform consent . Land used by local communities or high ecological value areas were distributed to companies without distinction. Two decades later, land disputes between communities and companies have proliferated, while only a few of these plantations were implemented successfully. The new regional government has expressed political will to resolve those long lasting disputes. In order to do so, a multi-stakeholder committee comprised of government agencies, ethnic parties, civil society groups and private companies was established and mandated to conduct a detailed land use assessment. The data produced by the committee is expected to help help identify unused areas that can be given back to landless farmers and internally displaced population.

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