Tuesday 29 May
8:30 - 10:15am: Ethnic Minority and Vulnerable Groups Access to Forests

Presenter: Hou Kaylan (RECOFTC Cambodia)

The presentation covers implementation of Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) in the context of Cambodia. In Cambodia CBNRM is operationalized through CF, CPA, and CFi. This presentation introduces CBNRM initiative, policy and institutional development with particular reference to CF and CPA. Currently, there are 580 CFs and 153 CPAs and 516 CFI in Cambodia. Forestry, Protected Area, and Fishery law as well as legal regulations under these laws are major CBNRM related legislations. While lessons learnt from CBNRM practices have been included in natural resources related policies and laws there are still gaps in these legal documents. The presentation analyzes these gaps in respect of supporting CBNRM goals and suggests means to link practical experiences from pilot project to policy development process. These include amendment of forestry, protected area, and fishery laws as well as development of Cambodia Environment and Natural Resource Code.