Participant biographies are available here.

List of participants is shown below.

  1. Terry Parnell, Open Development Cambodia, email:
  2. Ms. Leakhana Kol, People in Need, email:
  3. Long Serey, NTFP Cambodia, email:
  4. Dr Ludgera Klemp, Counseller and Head of Cooperation, German Embassy/Cambodia, email:
  5. Brian Lund, Oxfam America, email:

  1. Hanna Saarinen, International Coordinator, LIWG/Laos, email:
  2. Mr. Vorasone, National Coordinator, LIWG/Laos, email:
  3. Phoutasinh Phommachanh, Director, CLICK, email:
  4. Andrew Bartlett, Moderator, LaoFAB/Land Observatory, email:
  5. Natalia Scurrah, University of Sydney/Mekong Regional Land Governance Program, email:
  6. Kim Geheb, WLE Greater Mekong Focal Region Leader, WLE, Email:
  7. Stew Motta, WLE Greater Mekong Network coordinator, email:
  8. Stephen Rudgard, Country Representative, FAO/Laos,
  9. Michael Epprecht, CDE, email:
  10. Joan Bastide, CDE, email:
  11. Katharina Isabel Foeldi, German Embassy, Vientiane, email:
  12. Sengsoulixay (LA), VFI, email:
  13. Mike Dwyer, Researcher, CIFOR, email:
  14. Julian Derbidge, GIZ Land Management Advisor / Team Leader, email:

  1. Glenn Hunt. Land Advisor, Land Core Group, Myanmar, email:

  1. Nguyen Vinh Quang, Forest Trends/Viet Nam, email:

  1. Peter Cutter, SERVIR, Spatial Informatics Group, email:
  2. Anggraini Dewi, SERVIR, Asia Disaster Preparedness Center, email:
  3. Julian Atkinson, Program Officer, RECOFTC, email:
  4. James Lette. Oxfam, email:
  5. Kate Rickersey, Team Leader, Mekong Regional Land Governance Program, email:
  6. Christian Castellane, Deputy Team Leader. MRLGP, email:
  7. Ludovic Pommier, Consultant, Oxfam/America, email:

Resource People
  1. Adrian Gnangi, SDC, email:
  2. Christoph Musiol, SDC, email:
  3. Michael Victor, Facilitator, CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE), email:,
  4. Joe Girton, Communications Fellow, WLE GM, email:
  5. Mia Signs, Communication Fellow, WLE, email:
  6. Hook Touravanh Communication Coordinator, SDC, email:
  7. Annie Shattuck, Synthesis Reporter, email:
  8. David Clayton, Programme Manager, WLE GM, email:
  9. Sengsamay "Noy" Punkeo, Administration and Logistics, WLE GM, email: