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8:30 - 10:00
Parallel Session 4

Land Management, Monitoring and Conflicts:
Examples of land use planning and monitoring experiences and what it is telling us about land conflicts
Moderator: Mike Dwyer, Forest Trends
  1. Coproduction of Spatial Data and Knowledge in the Resolution of Land Disputes Learnings from OneMap Myanmar oil Palm Land use Assessment
  2. Where There is Smoke: Discovering Land Conflict through Participatory Area-Based Village-Cluster Workshop in Lao PDR
  3. Understanding Prospects and Limitations of Land use Management in Mitigating Conflict Through pFALUPAM
Mechanism to recognition of Customary Tenure Rights: Sharing options and drawbacks to securing customary tenure where legal frameworks are inadequate or inappropriate
Moderator: Glenn Hunt, Land Core Group Myanmar
  1. Dual system of customary tenure recognition in forests in India
  2. Recognition of Indigenous People's Customary Tenure in Zonation of Protected Areas: The Kulen Protep Wildlife Sanctuary Experience in Cambodia
  3. Recognition of Customary Tenure: piloting for implementation of the National Land Use Policy (MRLG and USAID pilot results).
Forest Governance and International Initiatives: FLEGT and REDD+, and other initiatives: What are the implications for forest tenure?
Moderator: Christian Castellanet, MRLG
  1. Addressing Forest Governance Challenges in the Mekong region through the empowerment of civil society: an assessment
  2. Establishing CSO Forest Governance Monitoring Experiences Challenges and Lessons Learnt
  3. Sustainable Natural Rubber Production Model and Value Chain in the Mekong Region
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break

10:30 - 11:30
Panel Session: Presentation on the investment mediation in Busra Community in Cambodia
Moderator: Darryl Vhugen, FAO
Community Negotiations: a new form of conflict transformation leveling the playing field.
Plenary Session
Closing Plenary
Presentation of forum synthesis and MRLG Phase 2
Closing Remarks