Summary of Comments from Participants:

- My Vietnamese Delegates highly appreciate with all our logistic that we did, from airport station to the all of days that they stay in the Land forum. On Behalf of them, I would like to send my big hug to you and great thank with your professional. Amazing to working with you.
- The conference was of a very high standard and can certainly be considered a success. The speakers were great and there were not really any weaknesses in the program and activities. I have learned a lot about the realities of the region in relation to land issues and I hope that some people I met during the conference will be good future partners for my PhD research.
- And I was wondering, are there ways that I could get involved more closely in the project in my student-researcher capacities? I do not know if it's possible, but I would be very interested in helping out one way or another, considering that my research interests are very close to those of the project.
- a great success and has helped to push forward the land agenda a bit more.
- A big thank you to MRLG for the opportunity to be a part of this 2nd forum these last few days. It's a privilege to participate in the discussions and hear about broader Mekong issues in relation to my coffee business.