8.30 – 9.40 Regional Workshop Thematic group finalization

9.40 – 9.50 Introduction to Regional Land Forum - Christian and Julian
Planning for a Regional Land Research Forum has also been underway. The Forum will most likely be held in late May and will be co-hosted by MRLG and GIZ. Modelled after the summer schools that GIZ previously ran in Cambodia, the Forum will bring land professionals from various sectors across the region together to cross-learn and share on MRLG’s three topic areas (customary tenure, large-scale land acquisition, and private sector engagement). Participants will not be restricted to MRLG partners or GIZ land project partners, but instead will be made up of a mix of government, civil society, private sector, and academic actors. MRLG is also planning to invite students so they can learn from experts in the field and contribute to the discussion.

9.50 – 10.15 Coffee

10.15 – 11.30 Stakeholder activities presented - Open Mic

Presentation on CLEC - Conflict resolution with comm./PSI Gov. participation by Sokha Am - notes

11.30 – 12.00 Reflection on MRLG projects and activities
LIKE: Opportunity to meet with the network that is interested in land issues; Sharing of ideas between the four countries on customary tenure; First day of analysis; Having academics to help analyze and provide evidence – contextualize; The platform for private section (although afraid of duplication); Emphasis on research; The discussions in the smaller group workshop - nice to hear from all of the countries; Diversity and good regional spread; Opportunity to meet with lots of different stakeholders; Getting a better understanding of MRLGs projects and activities; Sharing with and learning from each other; Friendliness of the group
MISSED: Having the beneficiaries of the projects present – but understand the constraints; Government and private section participation; Linking of three working groups; More time to talk to other participants; Having a provocative statement before that would force the working groups to coordinate and address overlaps; More explanation of how MRLG will do capacity building; Development partner participation; More time for questions and discussion; The people who are actually dealing with customary tenure, i.e. the farmers; The objective of the meeting – what were we trying to achieve? What are the ways forward?; Connecting on the first day; Presentation of goals at the beginning of sessions; Customary tenure’s relation to customary use; M&E for the workshop; Concrete future action plan

12.00 – 12 .20 Wrap up and future plans - by Kate Rickersey