Agenda for Customary Tenure Recognition Session
Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 13.30 – 17.00

Objectives of session:
- Clarify concepts around customary land tenure (CLT)
- Exchange ideas, knowledge, initiatives on CLT recognition at country, regional and global level
- Engage in national level policy discussions on customary tenure
- Identify regional spaces (formal and informal) for dialogue and action on customary tenure recognition

Introduction (10 mins):
Introduction to session and overview of the regional Learning & Alliance on Customary Land Tenure
Christian Castellanet, (MRLG)
Presentation (20 mins):
Customary Land Tenure and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT)

Q&A/Discussion (15 mins)
Some questions to consider for discussion:
- Is the definition of customary land tenure presented adequate/sufficient?
- How is the VGGT relevant for Mekong countries? How are different groups making use of it?
Marianna Bicchieri (FAO)

Louisa Jansen
Presentation (15 mins):
Customary Land Tenure Recognition in Regional and Global Perspective

Panel discussion (25 mins):
Panel members are asked to provide a brief answer a question from the moderator.

- Shivakumar Srinivas, Independent Researcher
- Dr Shengzhi Li, Sichuan Academy of Social Science, China
- U Than Naing Win, Planning and Statistics Division Forest DepartmentMinistry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
- Mr. Phounsavath Souphida, Head of Division, Department of Land Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Laos
- Mane Yun, Cambodian Indigenous Peoples Organization
Dr. Famark Hlawnching, (AIPP)

Facilitator: Christian Castellanet
Coffee Break (20 mins)

Opportunities for CLT recognition at country level (40 mins)

Multi-stakeholder group discussions
  • Introduction/explanation of exercise by Christian Castellanet, MRLG (10 mins)

  • Break out into country group discussions (30 mins)

Questions for discussion

- Do you agree with the opportunity presented for each country?
- What is the best strategy to seize this opportunity?
- Suggestions for multi-stakeholder dialogue on the topic, how to engage with government?
Overall facilitator: Natalia Scurrah (MRGL)

Facilitators for country discussions:

Cambodia: Christian Castellanet + Poch Sophorn

Laos: Natalia Scurrah + Hongthong Sirivath

Myanmar: Marianna Bicchieri + Famark Hlawnching

Vietnam: Patricia + Dang Duc Nghia
Plenary discussion (20 mins)
  • Each country/table presents summary of discussion to broader group (4 mins each)
  • Facilitator summarises and concludes session
Facilitator: Natalia Scurrah
Regional level engagement – opportunities and value added
Introduction by Christian Castellanet, MRLG (5 mins)
  • Discussion (20 mins)

Questions for discussion:

- What is the value added of an alliance for CT recognition at regional level?
- What are the most interesting themes /topics for exchanging experiences and learning from each other?
- What are the spaces for advocacy/ dialogue on this topic at the regional level?

  • Closing Remarks by Patricia Miranda, AIPP
Shivakumar Srinivas