Reflection workshop: Exploring the potential for a regional land governance information platform in the Mekong Region
Convened by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
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February 10-11, 2015
Rose Hotel, Vientiane, Lao PDR
SDC is exploring the development of a regional land information platform to better inform the work and decisions of key reform actors and other stakeholders in land governance in the Mekong. The platform would support efforts to improve small-holder tenure in Mekong countries. Such a platform will also complement and support existing platforms and ensure synergies.

This workshop is meant to be a first step in exploring the potential and possibility of supporting interventions around a regional land information platform. The over-riding purpose and question is to understand 'how effective are platforms in improving tenure of small holder farmers'? The workshop will look to explore how platforms are used to leverage change or influence decisions and identify current gaps and potential opportunities. We also expect this to be a network event to share and exchange strategies and lessons in establishing, moderating and facilitating such platforms.

By end of the workshop, participants will have
- Exchanged and shared best practices in moderating and facilitating platforms and using platforms to influence decision-making processes
- Identified current systems that are in use/how they are complementary-overlapping and potential gaps
- Identified problems a regional platform could focus on, who to influence and potential pathways
- Recommended options for ways forward and gaps in understanding that need to be further explored

Key questions
Some of the key questions we want to get at
  • Who are major decision-makers to influence in order to improve tenure security of small holders (Government, private sector, farmers/communities)?
  • What information/evidence/pressure is needed to influence them?
  • What are different strategies for influencing key decision-makers – providing evidence, advocacy, naming and shaming?
  • Why have previous strategies not worked?
  • What are the current platforms at the regional and national level and what lessons can we derive from them?
  • What are potential pathways for a regional information platform – who would they benefit, influence and work?

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